About Me

Satyan Mishra, Spiritual Entrepreneur
I am an entrepreneur enjoying the journey of life along with my small family, co-founders and their family and 300 other families. From an entrepreneur in 1998 to a social entrepreneur in 2004 (Ashoka fellowship) summarises most my career and the organisation which has witnessed this journey, as a charioteer, is Drishtee. In its 20 years, the organisation has played a small part in developing entrepreneurship in the villages which in turn has led to more than 25,000 livelihoods. Humbly put, in a country with 1.25 billion people and in a world of seven billion, where more than 50 per cent of families are bearing the brunt of a lop sided system, this achievement is merely a start. However, the intent is to continue this journey armed with a promise, blessings and partnerships to ensure that every community can offer a source of livelihood to all its members without having to displace them from their natural habitat. If this dream seems possible, it is only because of deep faith and surrender in a force which knows its way and is leading us slowly but surely away from the hopelessness and fear. I am happy to be writing on this platform, sharing our experiences and seeking co-travellers in this beautiful journey of ‘spiritual entrepreneurship’.